Being the first company of the Holding, on the date of 23rd of August, 1955, SKT A.Ş, was founded under the name of "SKT Collective Company Talat Diniz and Partners" in Eski Tahıl Çıkmazı adress in Bursa, with the objective of producing the parts like bus seats and window frames and similar that is required by the already developed body industry of Bursa. The company name arises from the initials of the founders.


The first oil seal and the first electric motor manufacturing in Turkey was carried out in SKT. The company continued its activities in its premises in Eski Tahıl adress until it moved to its facilities established in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone on 1st of August, 1967.


The production of slides for the front seats of cars started in SKT.


SKT Collectice Company became incorporated on 30th of August, 1973. The title of SKT Kollektif Şirketi was changed as SKT Yedek Parça ve Makine Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş (shortly SKT A.Ş.).


During the period of 1973-1986, in SKT Oto Donanım Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., which was the second production plant of SKT A.Ş., the productions of seat covers, door panels, sun visors, ceiling covers, front seat slides, sun visors and door panels were carried out.


DINIZ HOLDING A.Ş. was founded. The headquarters, where the Holding companies' finance and administrative issues are managed is in Bursa BTSO Organized Industrial Zone.


After the founding partners Mr.Kemal Coşkunöz and Mr.Süleyman Beltan left the partnership, the company started to operate as a family company owned by Mr.Talat Diniz and his brothers. With the foundation of DİNİZ YAPI A.Ş., the company entered the construction industry. Diniz Yapı played an important role in the establishment of the plants that are required by the holding during those years. Diniz Yapı also constructed the Pembe Çarşı Shopping Mall in the Kükürtlü district in Bursa.


With the taking over of MARTAŞ A.Ş., Diniz Holding took the first step to the food industry. The activity, which started with frozen vegetable-fruit storage and refrigerated transportation, expanded by the establishment of shocking facilities in 1988 right after the liquidation of the TIR transportation business. Today, it continues its activities in its facilities in Armutköy village and Kemalpaşa town.


DÖPERTEKS A.Ş. was founded in BTSO Organized Industrial Zone with the objective of producing textile for the automotive industry. The company also entered the home textile field in the following years. In the same period the production of fabrics for complete seats have started at SKT Oto Donanım Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş’s premises in BTSO Organized Industrial Zone.


With the establishment of ELELE A.Ş, foam production for automobile seats have started.in İnegöl Organized Industrial Zone by partnering with İDAŞ A.Ş and Mr.Rüştü Yılmaz.


With the foundation of DİNİZ SİGORTA, insurance agencies started to be established.


DİNİZ Holding have signed a JV agreement with a Spanish origined family-owned company named Irausa (Groupo Antolin) of Spain, and Pianfei of Italy where OTOTRİM A.Ş. was established in BTSO Organized Industrial Zone to manufacture and just in time deliver interior parts like headliners, door panels, window mechanisms and sun visors for the automotive industry.


A partnership agreement was signed between the French family owned company Rothfreres and Diniz Holding to produce complete car seats. The name of the company was changed as "Major Skt Oto Donanım Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.”. In the same period , the manufacturing door panels, sun visors and headliners currently made in SKT Oto Donanım Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. was transferred to OTOTRİM A.Ş.


As a result of the acquisition of ROTHFRERES by JOHNSON CONTROLS, MSKT's new partner became JOHNSON CONTROLS. PEMBE ÇARŞI Mall, which was operated by Diniz Yapı is opened. The catering activity of the holding started by MARTAŞ YEMEK SANAYİİ company.


With the establishment of TREDİN A.Ş. through the partnership with TREVES, a French family company based in France, the manufacturing and just in time delivery of headrests, armrests, sound insulation products, carpets for floor and luggage department for automotive industry have started.


MARSAL A.Ş was founded in Kemalpaşa town to produce Tomato paste for the food industry.


ELELE A.Ş moved from İnegöl to its new facilities in Bursa BTSO Organized Industrial Zone.


MARSAL A.Ş. was incorporated into MARTAŞ A.Ş.


By establishing a partnership with MICHEL THIERRY company whose headquarters are in France, THIERRY DINIZ OTOMATIV A.Ş.was founded in Bursa BTSO


OTOTRIM A.Ş. plastic injection activity started within the company's existing facilities.


With the acquisition of MICHEL THIERRY by JOHNSON CONTROLS, the partnership of DİNİZ HOLDING - JOHNSON CONTROLS in THIERRY DİNİZ company have started.


In 2015, TREDİN A.Ş. activity is separeted into two companies such as TREDIN OTO DONANIM SANAYİ ve TİCARET A.Ş and TESCA DİNİZ TÜRKİYE TEKSTİL SANAYİ ve TİCARET A.Ş


In 2016, the facility of seat cover cutting & sewing of Diniz Adient company have started production in Gönen town.