The roots Diniz Holding, a family company, have always been based on production. Leading both the family and the holding, Talat Diniz is the eldest of seven brothers. In the 1930s, horse carriages made by their father Ferhat Usta" (Master) (Ferhat Diniz) became very famous all over Anatolia and had been a subject to Yaşar Kemal’s (famous Turkish author) novels due to the significant characteristics of the carriages. Talat Diniz founded SKT which was the first company of the Holding in 1955, with two friends who were technical teachers as well. SKT has achieved significant "firsts" such as the first electric motor production and the first oil seal production in the Turkish industry . In the proceeding years, SKT has turned into the partnership of seven brothers and become the leading brand in sealing components in Turkey. At the same time, the production of interior equipment parts such as seats, door panels and sun visors for the automotive industry has begun. Then new steps are taken for other fields such as; the food industry with Martaş and the construction and service sector with Diniz Yapı. Starting in early 1990’s Diniz Holding continued its growth by strengthening its position in the automotive industry by establishing foreign partnerships to manufacture interior equipment parts.

Today, we continue our journey which started with horse carriages with 14 companies and over 4000 employees by using latest technologies.100% customer satisfaction, commitment to quality and ethical values have always been our priority